Fire Hose Strap



No matter the gig or size of the stage, Firehose Straps will make sure that your instrument stays safe and sound while you’re melting faces and taking names. Check out a few of our favorite artists who have rocked Firehose Straps!


Comprised of Rabea Massaad, Dave Hollingworth & Ben Minal. Toska is an instrumental 3-piece who play heavy, cinematic, progressive music, and are also some super rad dudes! You might recognize Rabea from the Anderton’s Music YouTube channel, but if you haven’t checked out Toska yet you’re really missing out on some killer tunes!


 Polyphia is a rad instrumental group who have distinguished themselves as prog rock anomalies, playing a style that falls somewhere between blisteringly fast virtuosity and pure pop. They first grabbed attention with their 2013 EP Inspire after the track "Impassion" went viral. Since then, albums like 2014's Muse and 2016's Renaissance have found them further honing their technically brilliant instrumental sound, combining sophisticated pop hooks with face-melting guitar solos. Be sure to check them out!

Feature 3

Sacha Dunable is a man of many talents; not only is he responsible for writing crushing riffs in his band, Intronaut, he also makes some of the finest handmade guitars and basses in the USA, Dunable Guitars! When it comes to building the perfect guitar, Sacha’s imagination knows no bounds, so if you’re in the market for one of the best guitars or basses on the market today, take a look at Dunable!